The Utah Ladies

September 27-28, 2007.

Here I am, playing the accordian at Tickles, minding my own business. Wednesday nite, open Mic, and I'm revving up a fine version of Billy Joel's "Accordian Man" when in walks a group of 4 Ladies from Utah! No, they are not Mormans. Just 4 friends who decided to take a September week's of vacation down in the Islands. And they are charmed by the accordian!

Here they are, from left to right, we got Kim, Sharon, Peggy and Keri (thats pronounced Carrie, like in the movie?)--WOW! They are down for the week, are having a great time, and looking for more fun times. They want to do it all: shopping, swimming, shopping, snorkling, more shopping, dancing, more shopping, drinking, shopping some more, eating...get the picture????
So I take a break, and meander over to my seat at the bar, which happens to be pretty close to where they are sitting. We strike up a conversation, and soon enough they welcome me into their group as one of their own... Ok, sorta. I let it be known that I have a sailboat that is itching to go sailing, and would they like to come along for a day sail and a snorkle. After a moments hesitation, they say yes, and the details are arranged.
Next morning they meet me at Garcigas (formerly known as Bottom's Up, the little bar/restaurant in the Mangroves at the base of A dock in my marina). The've gone shopping, and supplies are loaded on board. We head out to St. John's for an day of snorkling by Watermelon Cay. Afterwards, drinks are served and a day of sailing and snorkling turns into an onboard overnite. Finally, I had a captive audience and I played my accordian to my hearts content on the foredeck under the full moon!!

Next day we pick up a mooring in Caneel Bay, and have an exciting dingy ride over to Cruz Bay on St. John, where the Utah Ladies go shopping till their hearts content. Then its back to St. Thomas for a fine evening of Jazz at the Tavern on the WaterFront, owned by my new friend Slawek, a Polish guitar player who wants to get together for accordian and guitar duets.
Never a dull moment!
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