Hanging Out with Dave and Lynne at the Blue Moon Bar

Hard to take hanging out with Dave Starofsky and Lynne. One of these days Dave is gonna get a haircut!! FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!!

A great afternoon sail with friends...

It was a slow start on Sat, May 17. Friends Dave, Lynne, Sam, Diane, Bonnie, Bob and Barb arrived at about 3 pm and we shoved off at about 3:45 pm, hoping to take the high tide out for a sunset sail. Unfortunately, I slightly miscalculated, getting us stuck softly aground for about 15 minutes while we waited for the tide to come up another few inches. The tide cooperated, and we were off on a great sail to Buck Island. Snorkling and eating followed, then the sail back to east end St. Thomas and our slip at Benner's Bay. The folks hung around for some Tequila out of the bottle (thanks Bonnie) and pretty soon I was playing Tequila on the accordian and the evening progressed from there!! I guess ya hadda be there!

Hot Dog Stand at Yacht Haven Grand

Love eating those Hot Dogs!! Hey Dad, these pictures are for YOU!
Unfortunately, the hot dogs in the cart weren't the greatest. Took one look at those poor little doggies that had been sitting in the pot for way too long and said...Ah,...no thanks!

My buddy Gerard

Here is my buddy Gerard, an otherwise serious wise guy who has just become the Caribbean Distributor of DUX boats www.duxboats.com
Go Gerard!!!!!!