Fred and Marie DeVillers trip to the Islands

Last week in January 2008 I had the pleasure to host Fred and his mom Marie. The big event of the trip was the Packer's game, which we watched while holed up at the Jolly Roger's in Soper's Hole. Well, you know the story. Not only did the Pack not succeed, but it also rained the whole time!!!! Finally, the skies cleared and we had great sailing. We covered a lot of distance, and in the big wind the Bel Ami went like a freight train, easily doing 8 knots upwind! Enjoy the pics:

Gillian and Simon's Trip

Right after New Years Gillian and Simon joined Anne and I on the Bel Ami. We had a most wonderful week together. Simon and I dived on the Wreck of the Rhone, something I've been wanting to do for 30 years. We all did lots of snorkling, great eating, and fabulous sailing. There is really something special about sailing around with your kids, and having Gillian and Simon on board was another one of those lifetime dreams come true for me. One of our best times was eating a half of an Asian Suckling Pig at a wonderful restaurant called the Lotus. Hmmm hmmm good!!!!

Heidi and Kim's trip to the Islands

Heidi and Kim decided to visit St. Thomas and spend some time both on land and on sea. We had fabulous times, none the least were getting stuck at low tide while trying to sail back into the Marina. Not once, but twice!!! And this was the first time I ever got stuck before. Well, I really can't complain, because being stuck on a sandbar with these two georgous fun loving women was about all I could ever hope to have happen to me, being the red blooded american young (old) stud that I am. Huh????!!!! OK, dream on, buddy. Anyway, we had great times, like listening to and meeting and playing accordian with The Fiddler Guy (with a great baritone, my buddy Aaron, singing vociferiously in the background!); doing the Red Hook bar crawl; taking in midnite happy hour at Duffy's; snorkling at Trunck Bay; schmoozing RRRRRRRoberto at Carigas (formerly Bottoms Up). Hope Heidi and Kim come back soon!!!