10/15/07--Lobster Hunt

Sunday Morning Annie and I went off with "Big Wave" Dave (BWD)and Lynne on their powerboat Sun Chaser. Friends Onyx and Janet were along. Onyx is an avid spear fisherman and lobsterhunter, and got BWD and me all psyched up for the hunt. Anne, Lynne and Janet kept the boat going while we were diving. To make a long story short, I forget to take my camera phone with me to take pictures, so I got some old pictures from BWD, and took some new pictures of their boat Sun Chaser. BWD and Onyx did manage to catch some rock lobsters and a caribbean lobster, and for dinner (after the Packer's squeaked by the Redskins)we had a great lobster zuchinni stir fry!! Anne left this morning and is on her way back to Wisconsin. I return in another week.