Memories of my office in Madison

Here are pictures of the hot tub room which otherwise serves as my office in Madison. We have sold the house, closing is May 30th 2008, and we are currently looking for a "homebase" in Madison. I took these pictures of my office, which is off the master bathroom and part of the master bedroom suite. The hot tub sits across from my desk. This is the room that I spend the most time in. I'm gonna miss it--a little.

10/20 to 11/06--Phil's Trip to the Islands

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting Phil Devillers on the Bel Ami. We had a great week of sailing, starting out with a long sail from Christmas Cove to the North Sound over the north side of Tortola. Phil wrote a long a detailed journal of this trip, and I'm sure he'd be happy to send it out to any and all that are interested. Just email me and I will send you the file, which is compressed on Adobe Acrobat. Great pics and narrative of our adventures. In the meantime, below is a quick slideshow summary (and video clip immediately below) of our trip.