Claudia from Romania!

On Monday, Dec 7 I was joined by crewmember Claudia who hails from Vancouver (by way of Ireland/Guam/Japan/Romania). Claudia is a consummate sailor with an incredible passion for living a life on the oceans of the world. She was enthralled by finding a couple conch shells on the beach, as the photo shows. Later in the week friend Bob Cronin had a “party from India” for a few friends (see previous blog). The food was fabulous as was the entertainment: 4 beautiful belly dancers. The ladies had practiced their routine for about a month prior to the party, and led by Louisa, they put on quite a show. Not to be outdone, the men then quickly organized their own belly dance of sorts, the results of which Michele went all out!! (or just about all undressed!!) A wonderful time was had by all. Crewmember Claudia has become a wonderful friend and companion and will remain onboard through the Christmas and New Years season, after which she will be making further passages on the oceans of her life. She came up with the great idea of throwing an open boat party for my birthday tomorrow (Monday, Dec 14—I turn 59!!), and we spent the better part of the day creating invites and distributing them by dingy to all the cruising boats in the harbor. I get to play accordion to my hearts content! Afterwards, we will be weighing anchor, and will sail from Georgetown bound to Nassau for their great x-mass Junkanoo celebration.