I'm a Dude with a Captain's Diploma!

Lots happened since I've last posted on the blog. Hardly know where to start, so I'll start where I left off: In July I got my Captain's Diploma for a Master's 100 Ton License! I'm still waiting to get digitally fingerprinted by the US Coast Guard, and then I will get my official Coast Guard Captain's License. I'm also in the process of applying for a Charter Yacht Business License in the VI. In November I take a special computerized examination to get my VI medical license.

Before I returned to Wisconsin in August I took down all my canvas to make hurricane preparations in my absence. I got back to St. Thomas, hoping to go sailing between the storms. As I was putting up the head sail, a shackle got caught in the rigging, and when I pushed the button to furl the headsail in, I sheared off 3 stainless steel screws that served as the mechanical connection between the furling motor and the furler mechanism. It took several weeks to fully repair this: needed to dismantle the entire headsail furling mechanism from the mast, take it off the boat, and do the repairs on the dock. Skip the Rigger did most of it. Anyway, I'm now writing this on a layover in Miami on my way back to Wisconsin. Never did get out to sail the past few weeks. Darn! But I'm looking forward to some great sails in September!

Other news is my Piano Gig at Robert's American Grille. I'm playing 2 nites a week (Sunday and Tues) through the month of September, covering for the regular piano player, Freddie Rabuse (who is fantastic!) Very much fun!

I'm also working on my Dive Master rating. I've got my Advanced Dive rating completed, just waiting on the paper work. I've done the bookwork for Rescue Diver, and need to do the open water work.

Thats enough about me. Please write and let me know how you'all are doing. I really appreciate getting emails from folks after I send out my blog email. Good way to keep in touch.

I am starting to get bookings for the next season. I'll probably do a lot of day sail charters, with referrals from my friends Sam and Diane who own Aqua Action Sports in Secret Harbor on St. Thomas. Secret Harbor is one of the nicer places to stay when in the islands. Just georgeous! I'd love to also do some term charters, which means multiple days visiting the different islands. So get your calandars out, and let me know when you want to come down, and we'll make it all happen!!

Captain (Dude with a Diploma) Dave