Jim and Ann's trip to the Virgins

Ann Wagner and Jim Penn (Phil DeViller's high school english teach) braved the late winter/early spring weather to travel from Wisconsin to the Virgins. They made very capable swabs, handling such chores as knot tying (not!) and dingy riding. The weather was not as cooperative as we would have liked, but we made the best of it with visits to the Beach Bar at Cruz Bay where the St. John's Blues Festival was wrapping up its long weekend run. We stayed in Leinster Bay by Watermelon (?lemon) key, and hiked over the hillside into Coral Bay for great burgers at Skinny Legs. At Norman Island we dingied out to Pelican Island and the Indians for some of the best snorkling I've ever seen. The dingy motor died later that evening, and I got a ride back from the Willy T from the motor launch of a megayacht. I climbed into the launch and was introduced to Steven Speilberg. Way Cool!!!!! Our week ended by volunteering for the Rolex, an international sailboat race hosted by the St. Thomas Yacht Club. Jim and I transported racers from their boats to the yacht club. Then there was a great dinner and party. And kudos for Jim's culinary efforts!!! Enjoy the pics!