Joan and Layne's Trip to the Islands

Layne and Joan made a last minute decision to come down for a visit, and I am so glad. Layne is my boat systems guru, and I have him to thank for getting me on the path of boat maintenance and repair. He is AMAZING and can fix anything. Joan is an incredible bundle of fun, and between the two of them life becomes one party after another! For the first couple days Layne and I worked on the boat and then shoved off. The wind was blowing hard and we had a great anchorage in a little cove up in Hurricane Hole. We ended up at the Beach Bar Jazz Jam in Cruz Bay on Sunday nite and I got a chance to play harmonica with some great players. Made it up to Yost Van Dyke and said Hi to Foxy, drank Absinthe at Corsairs (ugh--we had the cheap stuff--), all had a terrible hangover the next day, eventually went diving at Congo Key and Christmas Cove, then back to port for a final farewell dinner and piano playing at Robert's American Grill.